I am very tired of the public shaming for those who choose to not vaccinate. They are not necessarily so called conspiracy theorists.....that is if... Show more

I am very tired of the public shaming for those who choose to not vaccinate. They are not necessarily so called conspiracy theorists.....that is if your definition even fits. Some people have real medical reasons that weigh against trying a new, not fully tested vaccine that has thus far taken at least 4000 lives in just five months (as per VAERS reporting website thru the CDC which in the past only sees 1% of all reactions). This is more than most other vaccines combined in their lifetime. Publicly shaming a person and telling them it is their duty to put their life in danger for someone else or for you is irresponsible, selfish and uncalled for. You have know right to force them to put their lives at risk even if you feel its safe for you.Some people have religious reasons against vaccines. Don’t think that this hasn’t gone without out a lot of research on their part. Removing this restriction is not only against their rights but also a completely selfish. It could cause repercussions  socially within their religious family/group that you will never envision.Lastly, most of those you may call conspiracy theorists are usually educated people who have done the research. Have you ever thought that you might be the conspiracy theorist? Especially if you are a sheep that takes governmental and medical propaganda as fact. Did you know that your immune system does function without vaccines? Did you know that herd immunity can be obtained without vaccines? In fact just before this so called pandemic hot, the WHO decided to remove Natural immunity out of the herd immunity equation. Did you know that when vaccination numbers rose, so did the incident of the variants? That is because when medical or genetic suppression occurs, you force micro organisms into survival mode. Look at MRSA and the use of antibiotics. Did you know that you have dangerously put those who can’t or choose not vaccinate in a bad position? As a vaccinator, you have a shed coming off of you (seems to be non viral) that is cause some sort of hormone upset in those who haven’t. Its also caused abnormal  bruising, periods to start early on the very young or women who we in menopause for years to come out of it. It has also cause menstrual cycle upset in others among other symptoms. So when you decide to shame a person for choosing to not vaccinate or accuse him if not taking the pandemic serious enough. Think amount what you are actually saying. If there is someone you care about, please don’t hesitate to share this so they can start doing the research themselves. One last thing, just because someone says something is debunked, it does jot mean that it is disproven. Dig a little deeper for tye truth and go to search engine that don’t feed you an algorithm according to what they think your belief is.

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