Thoughts anyone?…

"think whatever makes you truly happy to think"

Jampolsky, Gerold G. M.D. (1983) Teach Only Love. NY Bantom Books, p 68

Everything that is created begins in the mind

Fishel, Ruth (1988, p 32) Learning to Live in the Now Health Communications, Inc.Deerfield Beach, Florida

This pandemic is getting tiring. Let's Invite people into this group and pump each other up!

Della Garrett created a new group 13/02/2021

Social Support for Pandemic Times

Let's forget about what they say about the pandemic. Let's build each other up and support each other's emotional well being.This is a place we can...

Entrepreneurial Event: Ressetting Our Mind to Excel in a...

This Pandemic shouldn't of lasted this long. But unfortunately it has. And adapting to pandemic times has been difficult

  • Saturday, 20 February 2021 12:00 AM
  • Zoom Online Session

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